Hello, and welcome to the Office of International Advisement (OIA) interview series! We are excited to share with you the personal stories and voices of the Juilliard international community. We hope you enjoy getting to know our international students, staff and faculty as much as we do.

The Office of International Advisement (OIA) helps international students, faculty, staff, and visitors with their visa status, instructions for traveling to and from the U.S., work authorization, and extensions of stay, in addition to providing support for U.S. benefits such as Social Security applications, U.S. tax filing, and driver’s licenses.

Another important aspect of the office function is to provide support on issues of cultural and academic adjustment. O.I.A. seeks to promote understanding among students of culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. One avenue for sparking dialogue and cultural exchange is through events organized by O.I.A., which the rest of the Juilliard community is encouraged to attend.

With this series of interviews, we hope to provide insight into the vibrant and diverse population at Juilliard through our international faculty, staff, and students.



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